Welcome to Major Pool. We are a fast, secure, and reliable charity focused Cardano stake pool. Do your part by staking ADA in a pool that donates to charitable causes around the world.

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Proud members of the Cardano Single Pool & Mission Driven Pool Alliances

Pool ID: a37460a9b761e67b18f0262ad18f80263f6b6d143c33a9873965ecd3

ADA price $2.21811
ROS 3.188%
Pledge ₳10K
Cost ₳340
Margin 2%
Active stake ₳99.8K

Bit and Edmond

Greetings, we are a team of Cardano enthusiasts from the US. We've been interested in computer security, web development, and all things tech-related for most of our lives. We met around 2004 and have been good friends ever since.

More about us

Our mission

When we discovered Cardano, we knew we had stumbled upon something big and immediately wanted to be a part of it. Inspired by the philosophy and goals of Cardano project, we decided to launch a stake pool to help the Cardano network become completely decentralized and donate a portion of the earnings to charitable causes. We know that you can't have steady staking rewards without a stable stake pool. For this reason, stability and security are our top priorities.

How we contribute

Every month we donate a portion of the pool's earnings to different charities. As our stake amount grows so does the amount we donate. You too can also make a difference by helping us decide which organization to donate to next.

Our roadmap

Why stake with us?


We are proud members of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance, an organization of stake pool operators who vow to run only one stake pool in order to promote true decentralization of the Cardano network.

Experienced & committed

Major Pool is managed & operated by two very talented and committed individuals with a combined 40+ years of experience in IT, cyber security, and full stack web development.

Goguen ready

Our servers are prepared for the upcoming wave of transactions and smart contracts Goguen is going to bring to the Cardano network.

Safe & secure

All of our nodes are firewalled and hardened with todays best practices for securing linux servers and our keys are produced and stored on air-gapped devices.

Fast & reliable

Our block minter and relay nodes run on Digital Ocean servers over a gigabit ethernet connection providing 99.9% uptime and protection from denial of service attacks.

Lower fees

We are committed to a low margin fee of 2% and the minimum pool cost of ₳340 required by the Cardano network.

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