How To Receive Funds and Stake in AdaLite wallet

Step 1. Click on the Sending tab and scroll to My Addresses. Copy the first address listed. This will be where you have your ADA sent to in order for it to appear in your AdaLite wallet.

Step 2. You’ll then wait for your sent funds to arrive and show up in your wallet balance. Once it does, you’ll go back to the “Account #1” tab. Then click “Delegate” button next to the one where it displays your Available balance.

In the “Stake Pool ID” field, enter the Major pool ID: a37460a9b761e67b18f0262ad18f80263f6b6d143c33a9873965ecd3

Step 3. You’ll know it found us when you see this and it displays “Name: Major Pool”. Click the Delegate button. There is a small fee to delegate your stake but you get that back upon undelegating.

Step 4. Finally, click the Confirm Transaction button.

Upon confirmation, you’ll see that the Adalite wallet you staked now looks like this.

That’s it, you are now successfully delegated and staking in our pool!

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