How To Receive Funds and Stake in Daedalus wallet

Step 1. First download the Daedalus wallet. To receive funds with Daedalus, first create a new wallet and remember to backup and save your seed phrase and spending password. You will need to use this phrase should you ever have a harddrive failure and need to recover your funds and wallet. The sending password is needed every time you send any funds from the wallet or delegate it to a pool.

Then click to your wallet and click the “Receive” tab.

Step 2. Click and copy the first address here. This is the address you will use to receive ADA into your wallet in order to stake them.

Step 3. Once you have received funds into your wallet, awesome and congrats! You now own some ADA. Let’s get them staked into a pool now.

Click the network map looking icon on the left sidebar.
You will see your wallet in the “Delegation center” tab.
Mouse over to where it saids “UNDELEGATED” and click it.

You’ll see a popup, just click “Continue”

Select your wallet and then click “Continue”

Type the pool name MAJOR into the search field and then click it to choose it as the pool you wish to delegate your wallet to. Then click Continue.

Next enter your Spending password and click Confirm.

That’s it. You are now staked into the MAJOR pool or the pool of your choice. Congratulations!

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